The reasons for the alliance between work and family




This article attempts to show the nature of the link between work life and family life, so that an enrichment can be established between these two spheres of social life of the employee, when these two social components interact in a non-zero-sum game. this amounts to conceiving a relationship that is perfectly alliance, which qualifies that of enemy. Our methodology consists of examining a certain number of works from the last 20 years which demonstrate these links of enrichment conditioned by satisfaction. The results of our research show another scientific achievement, it is a link of balance between these two components, widely defended from the years 2011. This paradigm of balance therefore complements that of enrichment and restores causes that of conflict between professional and personal life. However, these three paradigms today form a solid conceptual tool for the scientific community to better understand the dynamics of the connection between professional and personal life. 


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Université Hassan II, Casablanca, Morocco

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NABAOUI Ahmed. (2023). The reasons for the alliance between work and family. International Journal Of Applied Management And Economics, 2(05), 001–018.